Photo team and Personal Picture Info.

Activity Pictures

Current photo's of club events and our members attending is key to showing our fun activities and shows. We have volunteers Tom Baubonis, Britt and Bonnie Halsell (they are camera guys), and when they attend activities they will shoot pictures for the gallery. Please smile for them when you see them around. We also encourage members to snap fun shots and submit them for the web site. The place to submit activity pictures is under the "MEMBERS ONLY" tab. That you can do yourself with little effort !

Club Member Gallery Pictures

Photos submitted to this email are only for the member's gallery pictures to show pictures of members and their cars together. We are only using your first names for privacy. The intent is for easy recognition of club members as we gain new members and our new members to get to know the entire club. We are a large group now and matching faces to cars works best to meet people and show off our cars. Please submit a nice picture of one or both members, preferably a close up and a nice picture of your car. INCLUDE YOUR FIRST NAMES on the email. Our team will then photo shop the pic's together and then post to the gallery by corvette generation (C-1 to C-7) of your car. That is the easiest was to search for people by our members or anyone looking at our web site. DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR PIC'S VIA THE OPTION UNDER MEMBERS ONLY. That is for event pic's like our picnic or car show pic's. Our team will try to get pic's at events but if you want to be seen - do your part and submit pictures.

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