Ambassador's Corner

2017 NCM Bash & Plant Tour Info

The annual Bash event is this April 27th thru 29th. Our President Nick will be attending this year and will be able to give us all the scoop at the May meeting. They reveal the 2018's at the Bash and everyone get a hands on look at the next year model. We will look forward to hearing what's new at the NCM museum.

Also, for anyone planning a visit to Bowling Green and the plant, with change over occurring for the 18 models there will be tour dates limits. No plant tours will be conducted for May 8-12, 29th and then June 16th - TBD. So please check before you go.

February Valentine Membership Half Price

For the month of Feb. the NCM is again offering the family membership for half price of $50 that includes 2 memberships for a family for a year. Once you have this you can continue it each year. Joining the museum is a great way to support and belong to the only car museum for Corvettes. The existence of the museum is to preserve the heritage of the corvette and continue the growth of love for the sports car. Take the time to look over the NCM web site and see the value of belonging. When you sign up use the code VALDAY17 in the discount block. Let your Ambassador know if you joined and I will add you to our list of members on this page.

NCM Exhibits - Callaway Corvettes

The museum have several interesting exhibits going on this year ! One that may be of interest to Corvette lovers is the Callaway Corvettes exhibit that is on display from January 2017 until May 2017 is featuring the 40 years of history of Callaway performance cars that are famous for their superchargers and twin turbo's. I believe a couple of our members have owned Callaway cars and will tell you they are a lifetime experience in Corvettes. Their C-7 version that is describes in magazines is a monster of a car. Check out the info on the NCM web site.

NCM Recognition Programs

This coming year I am looking into challenging the museum recognition programs for clubs. They have dwindled down to the banner display, the newsletter, and the web site programs and I have realized that we as Ambassadors have no visibility into the criteria used to judge and just who is doing the judging. The Good Samaritan award was dropped which recognized a clubs good deeds towards their community or charity. That is one most clubs do as a not-for-profit organization and they only awarded one plaque with no other recognition for other club submittals, such as certificates of recognition to include the many other club submittals. This year I submitted our much improved web site after modeling it after the many other club sites I reviewed. Again, with not knowing any criteria or who's judging and was highly disappointed with the selected top 3 winners sites. I'm not being a poor loser on this but I see a need for some conversations with the NCM to try and help improve the process and get much needed information out to all the clubs and Ambassadors. I have contacted the NCM Board of Directors for some assistance and help in starting this process and will peruse it until I get some results. I felt the BOD is the place to start as they are members not paid staff. I'll keep you posted.

CCMC Member Honored by NCM

One of our members was recently honored at the 22nd Anniversary event at the museum with a special dinner function and recognition ceremony. Howard Maxwell was honored for being one of only six other people who have been a member to the museum before the actual facility was built. He noted that when he started supporting them it was not much more than a small building that resembled a large storage shed. He has maintained personal contact with most of the directors as the NCM grew into what it is today. He received a 25 year member recognition certificate acknowledging his long term loyalty. Howie has been more than generous to the museum with the one acre program and multiple donations throughout the years. We are proud to have him in our club as a true Corvette enthusiast.

Club Activity Reporting to NCM

Each year by the end of July your Ambassador reports all the NCM Club Member activities to show we are an active club under the NCM. The points reporting items are listed here under this page that members accomplish or participate in, are tracked by me as Ambassador. We have had a good year with items such a NCM membership, museum delivery program, several members visiting the museum, generous donations to the museum, and supporting raffles. Thank you to all those who support the museum in various ways. We are the only true American sports car with a historical museum to preserve it's history.

I want to encourage more of our members to consider joining the Museum since it is a very nominal expense per year and it conveys a good sense of belonging. Any questions please see me - your Ambassador for more information.

Club Web Site Submitted to NCM Competition

This year we have made strong efforts to make our web site an attractive and informative tool for both our members and potential new members. We want it to be the go to place for activities planned within the club and for connection to the Corvette world of the NCM, car shows, cruises etc...

Each year the NCM reviews submitted club web sites and chooses their top 3 picks for recognition as exemplifying Corvette passion and club pride. This occurs in Sept. at the anniversary event at the museum. We will keep our enthusiasm up that we have met the mark that our site will be an example for other clubs to check out for ideas !

NCM Director Wendell Recovering Well

Earlier this month Wendell Strode was vacationing up in Alaska and developed some heart issues. Through my Ambassador FaceBook connection I have been watching for his status. Latest reports are good and he received great care in Alaska, a couple of stents, and has headed home to Bowling Green, KY. His family is caring for him and we all hope he will be back at the helm soon.

Having all the great people at the museum continues to grow our focal point for our corvette nation. Hopefully members make use of the information and offerings the NCM provides us - even from a distance.

24 Hours LeMans Access

The NCM supports Corvette Racing a lot in June each year. LeMans will be run on June 18th and 19th and the museum hosts a viewing party with lots of activities and actual real time satellite hookup for special viewing. The race team actually uses the Motorsports track for practice for LeMans since a portion of the track is replicating LeMans turns.

Also starting June 8th there is a special exhibit for Indy 500 history there and you can go on their web site to learn more.

Remember our club has some free admission passes to the museum for any non-members if your goin near Bowling Green KY. See your Ambassador for these passes.

NCM Trip Off

We proposed a tentative date and trip itinerary at the April member meeting. We waited to see if there were enough people interested to make this a club trip. Unfortunately there were not enough takers so we will see about considering a working volunteer trip at another time. A trip like this is not just for NCM members but everyone in our club.

I want to remind members that if your considering an individual trip to the museum, the our club has a good number of admission passes for being a club (corporate) member of the NCM.

GM Plant Tours & Track

As of April 1st 2016 the NCM will have the ability to do the ticketing for plant tours. This is a new working relationship with the Corvette plant in an effort to provide easier access for visitors. All the plant tour information is also available on the NCM web site.

In an effort to show more activities in and around the NCM, there will soon be the 2 web cams up and running over at the Motorsports track. Previously they were shot from across the Interstate from the museum, but cable has been laid and the cameras will be operational to enjoy watching people run the track.

Febuary Update

February 2016 Your club officers would like to join many other Corvette Clubs in supporting the NCM with a “volunteer” visit to the museum. The NCM posts a constant calendar of club visits for the purpose of giving “time” to help out at the museum. This can be planned as a road trip event with some fun stops included.

Since we are a distance from the museum we would plan the trip in segments. We can plan Ocala to Chattanooga TN 7.25 hr drive for first day and Chattanooga to Bowling Green KY 3.15 hr drive for arrival in the AM. The museum volunteer time would be approx. 4 hours of a day and time planned for a plant tour, or Motor sports track opportunity, or guided road tour.

June is a pretty open month and good weather time. Going mid week into weekend days are best since plant tours are weekdays only. Track weekends are booked so a Touring lap would be best on a week day.

To make this event happen we need members to commit and to provide input to the trip !

Club Visit Package This special package includes a guided NCM tour, Plant tour, boxed lunch from the Corvette Cafe and special commemorative hard card with lanyard. $20 Members / $25 Non-Members

Guided NCM Tour

The NCM can provide your club with a guided tour of the NCM and the special behind-the-scenes tour.

NCM Guided Road Tour

Kentucky has many beautiful Corvette roads just waiting for clubs to enjoy. We enjoy leading fellow Corvette Enthusiasts on these tours. Maps are also available from the Tourism Desk for clubs that would like to venture out on their own.

Special Club Visit Badges

Your club can commemorate your visit by having event badges created just for your visit.

Volunteer Projects

Some clubs like to contribute to the NCM with their time and talent. We always welcome this assistance.

Below is a list of sample projects that may be included in your clubs work at the NCM:

Assemble Membership packets
Assemble car show bags
Taking photos of engraved bricks
Inventory items in Library/Archives
Fill bags of ice for rental events

CCMC National Corvette Museum Ambassador

National Corvette Museum

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide Corvette clubs a two way communication link to the NCM. This program provides several opportunities to offer support through participation and involvement in the functions of the Museum. Corvette clubs can play an important role in the mission of the National Corvette Museum by providing the NCM and its staff guidance and assistance. Each participating Corvette club/organization selects an "Ambassador" to act as the liaison of that club/organization to the National Corvette Museum.

Our Current Ambassador: Lee Holtman

The Ambassador's mission is to receive and disseminate the most current and correct information from the Museum, and to convey that information to the club. The Ambassador will act as a Museum representative to promote and solicit support for the Museum through promotional activities and encourage other Corvette enthusiasts to join the Museum. Additionally, the Ambassador will be the voice of our club, communicating concerns, ideas and suggestions to the NCM.

Our Current Museum Members

  • Nick and Rosalee D.Altilio Lifetime Member
  • Howard Maxwell Lifetime Member
  • Duane and Carolyn Thompson Lifetime Member
  • Bob Berkowitz Lifetime Member
  • Larry and Donna Sikes Lifetime Member
  • Roger and Theresa Ackley Lifetime Member
  • Glen and Roxy Sims Founding Member
  • Mike Verrico
  • Lee and Kathy Holtman
  • Wayne and Mary Harding
  • Leo McCloskey
  • Don and Gail Messenger
  • Pete and Nicki Colom
  • Leo and Susan Santiago
  • Ron Roberts
  • Dave Wiesen
  • Tom and Pat Baubonis
  • Wayne and Carol Briant
  • Paul and Teresa Berg-Olson
  • Jerry and Sharon Buker
  • Jerry and Lynda Goodman
  • Britt and Bonnie Halsell
  • Mike Parish
  • Roger Duty

How we get points

  • Memberships: New/renewing membership orders taken or recruited by you within timeframe
  • Bricks: Any bricks purchased by yourself, club, or club members within timeframe
  • Raffle sales: Tickets consigned or purchased online, whether sold by you or a club member
  • Attending NCM Function/Event: You can claim points for any club members that attend.
  • Volunteering for NCM: You can also claim points for club members who volunteer.
  • NCM Insurance Quote/Policies: Points can be accrued for any club members who participate.
  • NCM Delivery/Xperience: Club members who take part during timeframe above.
  • One Acre Club: Actively paying commitments of your club towards the Motorsports Park annually earn these points.
  • Other Donations to NCM: Motorsports Park (other than One Acre Club), general donations, or any additional programs throughout the timeframe not included above and made during timeframe.