CCMC Activities

Planned Activitys

Activities Commitee
Jack Porterfield
Barbi Selvaggio
Don Messenger - Leader
William Descalzi - Leader

Proposed Activity
Simply Ice Cream located in Market Street at Heathbrook ( Heathbrook Plaza) is a sponsor of our Corvette Club. Wondering if there would be any support from our members for an “Ice Cream Sunday” cruise in at 2pm or 3pm on a Sunday afternoon for some really great ice cream, fellowship, and support one of our sponsors. The shop has seating inside and out for a total of 10 people, the city won’t let them add any more tables unless they add another bathroom, but perhaps if we got good support some members could bring chairs to sit outside...They are open noon to 6pm on a Sunday.
The activities listed are ideas submitted by members or other outside businesses for our club to consider. The committee is for exploring the ideas and presenting them to the club for consideration. The committee is to seek interest in doing these suggested activities from you the members. If there is ample interest then a leader and volunteers are needed to carry out the activity.

We are in need of new ideas and participation or our club will grow stale doing the same activities over and over again. This is your club and involvement is needed to keep it doing fun activities and car related trips and non-car related activities.

There has to be ideas out there for car related activities and non-car related fun trips. Please bring them to the attention of the Activities Committee !

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